Mudgee District Environment Group (MDEG), based in the Mid-Western Region local government area in

NSW, is working for the conservation of our natural heritage and a sustainable future for our children.


MDEG aims to:

Provide information about environmental problems and solutions

Lobby local, state and federal governments to take environmental action

Encourage individuals to take environmental action in the home, school and workplace

Encourage community tree planting and bush regeneration

Preserve and maintain the district’s natural environment

Support environmental campaigns of local, regional, national and international significance


Mudgee District Environment Group Annual Report for 2014


To become a member you can print a membership form here and mail it to:

Mudgee District Environment Group
PO Box 114
Mudgee NSW 2850


For more information contact Phyllis Setchell

by phone on 0427 920 887

or by email at